Dennis was born and raised in a Christian home, living in different parts of the world where his father was stationed (eg. Philippines & Venezuela). Even though he attended Christian schools all his life where he learned about Jesus he didn’t realize that it was possible to know Him personally.  It wasn’t until the age of 34 that he gave his life completely to the Lord in New York while a guest at a Charismatic Christian Healing Community.  There he became Born Again and Baptized in the Holy Spirit. While he understudied for 3 years at this international “Inner Healing” center Dennis was prophesied over a number of times “Soon I will use you to heal many people”.


There were many ways that God blessed him with encouragement and confirmation of his anointing as he made his way through the years, learning and following God’s lead. Dennis was led to the Church of God and Assemblies of God to understudy and practice the Gift of Healing the Lord had given him in small church settings.  While some healings did occur, the Lord was simply using this small ministry to prepare him for what was in his future. 


For a season he served the Lord in small healing ministries and preached while at the same time fulfilling his obligations to his family working at IBM for 32 years as a Senior Software Engineer.   Even though he completed a B.S. degree at a Christian college he wanted to formalize his biblical studies. He completed his ministerial studies from the Berean School of the Bible.


For a number of years Dennis served as president/evangelist of the Full Gospel Business Men’s International movement in his hometown.  Here he balanced the budget, gave testimony, did itinerant preaching, and prayed for the sick in medium size group settings.  The Lord led Dennis to spend a number of years in the United Methodist Church as a certified Lay Speaker and he traveled on the circuit of small churches spread throughout the Catskill Mountain range of New York.   Along the way he received an ordination from the International Methodist Church and served as assistant Chaplain at the women’s prison in Hernando County for a number of years.   At the prison God used him to provide Worship and Evangelical Services, Life Skills classes and other programs to help create a wholesome environment for the inmates.  It was here, at the prison, God inspired Dennis to introduce the use of Multi-Media in the Praise and Worship service.  The anointing on the music was present at every gathering, moving on the hearts of the inmates.  For three years God opened doors in small churches around Hernando County for this multi-media music ministry. In many of these settings God’s spirit fell on those attending in a mighty way.


Dennis and Suzy God continued blessing him and expanded his ministry to founding a County wide compassion ministry that served Hernando county called Somebody Cares Hernando. This ministry reached approximately 20,000 attendance, primarily consisting of at risk school children during the year, broken into 4 community events (School Daze, Mothers Day, Valentines Day and Christmas). These events provided backpacks, school supplies, sneakers, gifts, and family fun, depending on the season. All of the planning and preparations were handled by Dennis, his wife Suzy, and an assistant. They coordinated over 100 local churches and business which came together on each of these special days- all for the betterment of the children, the gospel, and the community.


Dennis also was involved in and helped administer a County wide church mentoring program designed to help struggling "At Risk" elementary school children. Volunteers from the churches would partner with local schools to provide an after school program that would address this need. Many children had improved their performance while at the same time there was an opportunity to introduce children and their families to life in the church. For a number of years Dennis and his wife Suzy facilitated at local churches in a structured recovery program called "Divorce Care" for divorced individuals in the congregation. Currently Dennis is part of a healing team at a small local church in Hernando County and for the past few years has sat under the direction and service of a well known Miracle Healing Evangelist from Tampa.   He has learned to be obedient, wait patiently upon the Lord, and listen to the still small voice giving guidance.




Over the years the Spirit has led him to the following scripture:

I will drive him like a peg into a firm place; he will be a seat of honor for the house of his father. All the glory of his family will hang on him: its offspring and offshoots…. Isaiah 22:23-24

God has successfully brought Dennis through many trials and tests all to prepare him for spiritual service and provide the necessary security in the material world. God not only “called him out” but has “driven him like a peg into a firm place and made him a seat of honor for his house”, blessing and prospering him along the way.  Now the Sprit is opening doors for him to be a blessing to his Heavenly Father’s household, carrying the anointing of the Holy Spirit to help breathe even more life into the bond between God and His people. An added blessing from God came after a simple DNA test, which proved Dennis is of the Jewish heritage by blood.


Dennis was lead by the Lord to New Life Coach, Inc where he learned about Christian Life Coaching. After completing their certification program he continued on for a number of years and became one of their trainers. During this time Dennis was ordained by the Evangelical Christian Church of Canada (thank you Dr. David Lavigne) and received his Certificate of Ordination in December of 2012. He used these credentials to enter a Graduate Program in Christian Counseling and became a Board Certified Master Christian Life Coach with the International Christian Coaching Association (ICCA). While being involved in Christian Life Coaching the Holy Spirit revealed to him to begin writing down what he had learned and observed. This was the beginning of the Christian Life Coaching Bible, a name inspired by the Holy Spirit and designed for people who have heard about Christian Life Coaching and want to know a little more about it and for those beginning a Christian Life Coaching career wanting to know what the Bible has to say about the various elements. People in the secular world who are attracted to life coaching may also find it helpful.