Believers Experience
God’s Anointing on Website


This website was commissioned by the unction of the Holy Spirit.  He , and we His servants, are trying to help connect you with God’s unconditional love, in a way that you can personally feel. Here are feelings that some believers felt as they followed the Holy Spirit to this website in an attempt to reach the altar of the Most High.


ca calipop

“…I was led to request prayers from you.” 


fl fla_orange

“I feel Him within my spirit being.”


pa pa

“Thank you for the encouraging words and the inspiring video.” 

“Yes, I feel God's presence right now”


wa wa

“This has helped me to so much in my walk with Christ.”


frflower fr

“This website has been a blessing to me and I believing God for more.”


belgium belgiumflower

Felt the Holy Spirit, “Amazing Touch.”


india indiaflower

I felt the Holy Spirit “I was really depressed” and I felt calm.


phil pj

"I am very thankful that God led me to your site. I was deeply touched with your words. I sought God’s words and found it in your site."




More reflections from believers...




“I have a feeling of Hope”


I felt the Holy Spirit “Because God’s really touching my heart.”


“I feel a chill has touched me.”


“I feel the presence of God when I’m reading His Word at the browser.


“I feel something when I read your invitation for prayer request.”


“The Holy Spirit is speaking to my heart to express my prayer requests.”


“I am so grateful to God for guiding me in this website.”


“I can tell that my way has changed and please, never cease to pray for me.”


“I clicked on your link out of curiosity and immediately felt the Holy Spirit.”


“God touches me as I read the details of the website.”


When I read your reply... I am really so happy.  I have a hope, God will change my bad situations.


“You are the only one who has taken time to even respond to my request for prayer like this in many years of petitioning.”


“I was overwhelmed by your quick response. Upon reading your message, there was a sudden tingling sensation felt on some parts of my body. Apparently, prior to opening your letter, As if there's some kind of strange things happening in me which I cannot explain.”


“I can see that the night I found you in the net was really the gracious leading of the Holy Spirit…….But when I happened to read the first few verses below your name, I felt as if there was hope and strength ahead.  My skin hairs seem to stand up all last night.  Upon reading your prayer for me and the additional verses, I really found hope and strength – God is not far. 


“Thank you so much for sending me that link..I cried when I was listening to it and now I know that I have grown and ready to accept Jesus as my savior. I am now assured that God is always with me and what a better way to understand my purpose in life.”