This Classroom provides a number of educational PowerPoint presentation videos that cover a variety of subjects.  Most of them are approximately 1 hour long with narration and will provide you an experience similar to sitting at a private webinar.  Find some time and a place where you won’t be distracted, start the educational video of your choice, sit back and enjoy all the free information to your heart’s desire.  



Personal message

Over the years, the organization has maintained this beautiful Father’s Love Letter video using wonderful Bible Scriptures, heart felt narration and beautiful background videos.  These videos have reached and been watched by million of people around the world and touched a countless number of hearts.  Take time to listen to this intimate message from God to you.  Find a quiet place and sit back and listen. The duration is only a few minutes. Click on icon to play. I promote this video in my book "Christian Life Coaching Bible." 




write Book Writing Simplified


If you are thinking of writing a book and need to know some of the basics from the point of view of an experienced author this is the presentation for you.   Our writing class is an attempt to simplify some of the issues that are involved in completing a book.  From traping your inspiration to attempting to make your book flow and be readable this PowerPoint presentation is all that is needed and has been created from the primary point of view of publishing a paper back book. Click on the icon to play.




Self-Publishing Simplified

For those of you that may not have actually published a book or had a bad experience with a traditional publisher this presentation provides you an introduction to a “Free” self-publishing environment. Self-Publishing introduces you, the author, who may have written a manuscript but doesn’t know how to publish or avoid the expanse.  You could use a Traditional Publisher who does all the work for a fee or consider using the free 1/2 dozen internet self -publishing tools, provided by orgnaizatgions like Amazon, B&N, Apple,  Kobo, or Lulu, that will offer your book in a paper back and/or in a ePub format for tablets. 

Check out this PowerPoint presentation to learn how to harness the power of self-publishing and will cost you nothing but a little time.  Many of these organizations have 24/7 human answered telephone systems to help you on your journey. Click on the icon to play. 


write Websites Simplified

Tired of trying the Free Website “come on” only to find out they offer a few pages and require you to Host your website with them?  What till you see how much it will cost to add another page outside of their offer. This mini-course, consisting of a PowerPoint presentation, covers everything from obtaining a domain name, arranging a web hosting plan, and hiring a reputable developing organization.  For $199 there are groups out there that will build a 5 page website and load it up on the hosting account of your choice.  Click on the icon to play.