Frequently Asked



Does God Manifest in the Service?
In the past the Holy Spirit has manifested, over time, in the areas of healing, visions and deliverance. While the effects of the Holy Spirit are different with each person and to some the manifestations are progressive over time or done through doctors, medication changes, or other means. However, to give you an idea of what God has done through this ministry we have seen 90% of migraines go away, some have been healed of Asthma, others have received relief from mild depression and discouragement. We always acknowledge that the Lord is the healer and according to His will he may choose any of these methods to answer your prayers, but we can not guarentee that He will move in powerful visible ways the same on everyones unique situation.


What kind of Gatherings is this service suitable for? 
The first thing to consider is that the gathering will be spending time with an anointed evangelist operating in the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Either the service can be a Healing crusade format or a mixture of Multi-Media (consisting of pre-recorded songs to assist Praise and Worship, the Message and the following altar service.   If multi-media songs are used then the congregation may be exposed to new songs and they should be comfortable with learning and technology friendly. Small congregations that don’t have a full music ministry or sufficient instruments to fill out the song , in particular, benefit from this environment.


What is a Multi Media
Evangelical Service?
dg3 The use of computers and projection equipment to present text, graphics, video, animation, and sound in an integrated way before audiences. Long touted as the future revolution in computing, multimedia applications were, until the mid-90s, uncommon due to the expensive hardware required. With increases in performance and decreases in price, however, some forms of multimedia are now commonplace in a growing number of church settings. Nearly all personal computers are capable of displaying video through projectors, though the resolution available depends on the power of the computer's video adapter and CPU. In our multi media services we use a light weight projector, a suitable screen that improves brightness, and a MacBook Pro laptop to run Power Point slides that use light, sound and motion on the screen to enhance the pre-service requirements, announcements, the praise and worship service and the delivery of the message. The songs are by the original artists, under their locked in anointed performance, into the service along with the full bodied sound that is difficult to attain in many small church settings.  All of the instruments that were used in the song as it was originally recorded are present with sound management by experts.


What kind of preparations are necessary? 
A MacBook Pro contains all the multimedia and service materials so it is important to be able to connect this equipment to the available in-house A/V equipment. The laptop's sound needs a female XLR jack at the altar to hook into the in-house sound system (in-house sound operator is needed). The laptop's display has various connectors to either our own projector or a VGA connection to an in-house projector. A few volunteers from the congregation to perform various simple duties are helpful but not required. For 1/2 hr before the service a rotating song presentation will be running that focuses on songs from PSALMS, to set the tone of the service. Then the Praise and Worship, followed by the Message, and Soaking music during the Healing ministry to maintain a prayerful atmosphere while individuals in the congregation are being ministered to by the Holy Spirit.